Talisker Storm


$$ — 45.8% ABV — no age stated

Aged in ex-bourbon as well as re-charred barrels, fans of this distillery should note this is often billed as a 'hyper' Talisker 10 Year. The bottle lacks a statement of age, which suggests it has some amount of very young scotch, perhaps even as young as the three year legal minimum. Here's why:

Some of the casks used for this whisky were made with 'rejuvenated' wood, meaning the cask was sent back to a cooper, scraped down and re-charred. Why? It's cheaper than buying a new barrel, yes, but also rejuvenated wood provides more smoky and peppery notes without flooding the profile with wood sugar. This allows the mild fruitiness and peat Talisker is known for to shine through while increasing its spiced and smoky notes.

Talisker exemplifies the distiller's art of capturing the tastes and smells of their environment. A very flavor-forward drink, Storm is certainly not as complex as Talisker 18 — but its transportive flavor can't be understated. It's a vacation in a bottle, a rainy-day stroll through a seaside forest. Obviously that's not everyone's perfect Sunday, but it is mine!

If there were such a category, this would be considered a 'dry' whisky. Just by looking at it's straw-like color, it's clear Storm is not a deeply oaked spirit. For those who can't get enough caramel or vanilla or straight-up oakwood flavors, Talisker is not the distiller for you — and that goes double for Storm. This is a much rounder spirit, and its youth shows through a lack of chocolate flavors that are so typical of Talisker's older statements. This gives its many shades of maritime flavor more elbowroom.

Talisker is located in Carbost, Skye in Scotland; it is matured off-site in Fife. Established in 1830 by Hugh MacAskill, it is now owned by Diageo.

Flavor Notes

Seasalt / Campfire / Grapefruit / Peppercorn / Peat / Seaweed

Seasalt / Campfire / Grapefruit / Peppercorn / Peat / Seaweed