stranahans bottle

$$$ — 47% — 2 years

According to their website, the idea for Stranahan's rose from the ashes after a volunteer fireman responded to a whiskey connoisseur whose barn was ablaze. Despite its fiery birth, this is a fantastic alternative to Scotch if smoke is *not* your preference.

Stranahan's is perhaps close to what the first American whiskeys tasted like, before the mass conversion to corn: it's not heavily distilled, made in small runs, small-batched, rather young, includes a blend of barley grains, and uses virgin American oak barrels.

The biggest difference is Stranahan stands at 5,280 feet above sea level. Low air pressure definitely affects maturation and high-elevation spirits, including Zacapa rum, tend to have a dry, pleasing roundness to them and a persistent if mild finish. Stranahan's is the same.

If you can catch it, try Stranahan's yearly winter release, Snowflake, which is a slightly older expression finished in wine barrels. But, since it's allocated by lottery, you may have to wait a few years before your chance at a taste.

Stranahan's is located in Denver, Colorado in the Southwestern USA. Established in 2004 by George Stranahan and Jess Graber, it is now owned by Proximo Spirits.

Flavor Notes

barley / vanilla / caramel / coffee / oak / pear

barley / vanilla / caramel / coffee / oak / pear