Sandeman Porto Founders Reserve

$$ — 20% ABV — 5 Years

While the gluttons in the room might not survive a round of Port after a meal, Sandeman would be their best bet. Neither too sweet nor too heavy, this is a very complex and highly commanding full-bodied dessert wine.

Sandeman began over 200 years ago as a British wine importers that specialized in Portuguese products. They've since moved their operations out of London to the Duoro wine valley proper.

Aged as long as many cheap whiskies, Sandeman's standard Porto has been reigned in a lot, allowing for more body and more complexity to show through. 

Sandeman is located in Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. Established in 1790 by George Sandeman, it is now owned by Sogrape Vinhos.

Cinnamon / strawberry / hazelnut / saffron / sugar / rhubarb

Cinnamon / strawberry / hazelnut / saffron / sugar / rhubarb