Mount Gay Eclipse

$ — 43% ABV — no age stated

A benchmark of the industry, and at over 310 years also the oldest rum distillery in existence, few spirits are quite as iconic as Mount Gay. At a slightly elevated ABV, but not an elevated price, it's an easy buy for anyone looking to make rum punch.

The Barbados distillery runs both column and pot stills and both of these light and dark distillates end up in Mount Gay. This is a trick that dark rum makers have been using for many years now to shave the corners off their rums without sacrificing all its flavor. The attempt is to retain the 'good' parts of the hogo funk (plantain, honeysuckle) but none of the 'bad' parts (codfish, flotsam). In this way, Mount Gay is a success.

This is a very simple product that's endured and even flourished by being slightly better than the competition at no extra charge. If a distillery's flagship product forms the foundation for the entire establishment, Mount Gay is solid as ever.

Mount Gay is located in St. Michael, Barbados in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean. Established in 1703 by Sir John Gay Alleyne, it is now owned by Rémy-Cointreau.