Jura 16 Diurach's Own

$$$ — 40% ABV — 16 Years

Standing at the banks of Bunnahabhain or Caol Isla, there are some breathtaking views of Islay's neighboring island, Jura. From these vantage points, you might get the impression that Jura is inhabited only by cloven-hoofed animals, but you'd be very wrong.

On the other side of the windswept (and very sexy) paps of Jura are about 200 residents — and four stills. The Jura Distillery has been industrially producing Scotch since the '60s, though it has a history with whisky that stretches back to at least 1810. Like Bruichladdich, Jura is a regional outlier in that they don't typically peat smoke their barley. Stranger still are the shapes of their stills, with dramatically cinched waists and tall necks that rival Glenmorangie. Unlike Glenmorangie, Jura is a little less fruit and a lot more cream.

Diurach's Own earned its name to recognize its popularity among the locals. A 16 year unpeated Scotch that spends its last two years in Sherry casks, it's a berry cobbler a la mode. Unlike Highland Park, Diurach's Own isn't a sherry bomb, but rather is soft, round, rich and — given its age and quality — shockingly affordable.

Jura is located on Jura in Argyll & Bute in Southwestern Scotland. Established in 1810, it is owned by Emperador.