High West Campfire


$$ — 46% ABV — 5 years

With complete certainty, High West is a whiskey. Beyond that, nobody's completely sure.

Blended at Utah's diamond in the rough High West Saloon, it is a mixture of one Bourbon, one rye and one blended malt Scotch, meaning there are at least four ingredients at play. The Bourbon and rye are MGP's, but whose Scotches is (contractually) a mystery. Though the idea was conceived at Bruichladdich, the makers admit the Scotch is not from Islay.

Romantic locales aside, High West is a completely bizarre dram for fans of all three categories of whiskey. Whisky? Whisk(e)y. True to its name, Campfire tastes not unlike a cookfire out in the woods of Appalachia, or the foothills of Scotland. To drink it is to perhaps understand how hundreds of years ago the Scots-Irish so easily acclimated to their new home in the Americas.

Bottled in hammered glass, embossed with a horseshoe, a High West blend is hard to miss on the shelves. While the ridiculous and iconic Bourye is likely their most famous, Campfire is their best. Finally, enthusiasts sweating out how to decide their nightly dram can simply choose all of the above. Slàinte, cheers and good on ya.

High West is located in Park City, Utah in the Western USA. Established by David Perkins, it remains an independent producer. Campfire is in part distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana by MGP.

Flavor Notes

Caramel / Apple / Campfire / Vanilla / Ham / Leaves

Caramel / Apple / Campfire / Vanilla / Ham / Leaves