Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

$$ — 46% ABV — 12 years

Built right atop one of the most solid (and affordable) Scotches in the business, Glenmorangie 10, the Quinta Ruban is the most popular choice among the distillery's line of extra-matured whiskys, and one of the most popular choices among Scotches-at-large.

The bright peach-cream flavors Glenmorangie is known for comes from their exceptionally tall stills, which help capture only the fruitiest flavors of their distillate. However, when matured an extra two years in ruby Port pipes, these light flavors are all pulled downward. Cream becomes marshmallow, sandalwood becomes oak, peach becomes cherry. The notes overall are like a boardwalk candy shop, making this a perfect after-dinner dram.

While its brothers, Nectar D'Or and La Santa, arguably lack some balance, the Quinta is mostly flawless and in no small part made the Port wood craze of the aughts what it was. Especially for whisky fans who do not enjoy peat, but also dislike cloyingly sweet whiskies, this is a highly suggestible buy.

Glenmorangie is located in Tain, Ross & Cromarty in Scotland.  Established in 1843 by William Matheson, it is now owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

Flavor Notes

Cherry / oak char / tannin / plum / toasted marshmallow / vanilla

Cherry / oak char / tannin / plum / toasted marshmallow / vanilla