Out in rural Hudson Valley were many underground operations satiating a thirsty New York City during the prohibition years. Attempting to revitalize the history of America through its classic cocktails, one such site rumored to be previously owned by Jewish mobster Dutch Schultz has been reopened as Dutch's Spirits. Not to confuse you but that's Dutch, as in Deutsch, as in German. The company offers three bitters, one per century of American history.

The first begins with their site's ties to Schultz, called Prohi-Bitters. They're specifically a Martini bitters, which sadly fell out of public knowledge as a thing thanks to the '90s infatuation with vodka. A blend of common top note botanicals (citrus, licorice, hibiscus, coriander) they're an easy way to add some extra gin-ness to gin.

Going further back in time is Dutch's Boomtown Bitters, celebrating the root beers that took off during the California gold rush. Made with sarsaparilla, wintergreen and oak barrels, it adds a distinct frontiersman flavor to whiskey cocktails and pairs superbly with maple syrup in an especially old old fashioned.

If the 19th century isn't sepia-toned enough for your cocktails, try going pre-photography with Colonial Bitters. These are perhaps akin to what was being served as house decanter bitters in the drinking houses of colonial America. It is made with vibrant green spicebush and kinnikinnick, an Algonquian mixture of smoking shrubs. Somewhat delicate, and noticeably floral this is a solid bitters for rum fans.

Dutch's Spirits is located in Pine Plains, New York in northeastern USA. Established by Ariel Schlein and Alex Adams, it remains an independent distiller.