Dolin Rouge

$ — 17% ABV — SWEET

Very obviously in the same vein as the dry, Dolin makes a sweet vermouth that stays incredibly soft on the tongue. There's a mild tannic astringency on the end but other than that, this is dessert-level sweet. A liquid fruit tart.

Strange as it sounds, there's an immediately recognizable smell and taste of crisp apple to Dolin Rouge. Mixing it with apple brandy is a real no-brainer here — especially for autumn weather. It's fine an light enough that you can just have a glass if you're inclined, but I don't see any reason why not to mix this with a bottle of Calvados. By itself it seems slightly unaccompanied. It needs something.

It's likely that lack of bitterness that has drawn many people to Dolin for their vermouth. The thing is the apparent amount of wermut in Dolin is so non-existent, its status as an actual vermouth is pretty tenuous. It's these kinds of vermouths that drive people to make a Manhattan perfect, but for the sweet tooth — and there are a lot of us — Dolin Rouge's palate is an asset, not a hindrance. And besides, you can always kick up the bitters if you have to.

Dolin is located in Chambéry, Savoy in southeastern France. Established in 1821 by Louis Ferdinand Dolin, it remains an independent vintner.

Flavor Notes

Apple / Raisin / Butter / Tannin

Apple / Raisin / Butter / Tannin