$ — 16% ABV — Sweet

A much deeper vermouth than is expected these days out of vermouths, Cocchi is a very old recipe. Over 120 years old, to be more exact. It's made with some unexpected but very welcome botanicals that include cocoa and rhubarb, which makes this as unique a vermouth as it is complex and lovely.

Cocchi often battles it out with Carpano's Antica Formula in the hearts of Italian vermouth fans. It plays much nicer with light ingredients so, in the mixology world, Cocchi's often used in lieu of Antica  for Negronis or Hanky Pankys, or really anything involving gin.

But Cocchi is a great point to make in favor of enjoying vermouth neat from time to time. There's so much going on here, and it has such a lush feel that it's a bit silly to only view this product as a mixer. Essentially, this is a cross between wine and gin, which should be a very appealing class for many drinkers.

While perhaps more expensive than a typical bottle of moscato wine, it's important to remember also Cocchi is fortified and so its servings are smaller. One bottle goes a bit further, especially the one liter bottles. This is a very confusing proposition for Americans, no doubt, but with a bit of adventure, there's a real discovery to be made here.

Cocchi is located in Torino, Piedmont in northern Italy. Established in 1891 by Giulio Cocchi, it is now owned by Bava and imported by Haus Alpenz.

Flavor Notes

Chocolate / Oak Char / Orange / Sage / Sugar / Grape / Rhubarb

Chocolate / Oak Char / Orange / Sage / Sugar / Grape / Rhubarb