Cinzano Extra Dry

$ — 18%ABV — Dry

If it's hard pinning down exactly what kind of herbal flavor you smell in Cinzano [chin-zah-noh], it's probably because there are many in play: sage, rosemary, mint, even parsley and thyme! Practically the whole culinary herb rack is dumped in here!

There is a teensy bit of bitterness here, from vermouth's namesake wormwood, but not very much. So bitters fans can dash away in a Cinzano cocktail without worrying about overdoing it.

Vermouth brands are well-known for their character and flair, especially in advertising, and Cinzano's no different. They were an early adopter of the neon sign, and first to have their name written across a Paris boulevard in luminous gas!

Despite the (very) cheap ticket price, there's plenty of sophistication here, and it's a great herbal alternative to the very popular Dolin brand.

Cinzano is located in Torino, Piemonte in northern Italy. Established in 1757 by Carlo and Giovanni Cinzano, it is now owned by Gruppo Campari.

Flavor Notes

Sage / Grape / Sesame / Lychee

Sage / Grape / Sesame / Lychee