Cherry Heering

$ — 24% ABV — Cherry

First made by the Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court in 1818, Peter Heering’s eponymous cordial is deep and thick with the juice of countless crushed Danish cherries. This isn't a product to be taken lightly, and because it's made with a significant amount of black cherries, it can't be exactly replaced with other similar cordials, such as Luxardo.

Because it's preserved with brandy, there's an undercurrent of woodiness that makes Heering right at home with aged spirits, but it was first made famous paired with gin in the Singapore Sling — so obviously this is a drink with legs. It's not expensive and it's used an ounce at a time, so one bottle travels far.

Every year the Sling Awards are bandied out, where bartenders the world over try to craft an original spin on the Singapore Sling featuring Heering. Five finalists get a free trip to Berlin and the winner takes home €500. Submissions are accepted in the spring and the winner is announced in autumn at the BCB Bar Convention.

Heering is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 1818 by Peter F. Heering, it remains an independent distiller. It is imported by the Sazerac Company.