Casa Noble Reposado


$$ — 40% ABV — 364 Days

There are too many facts that make Casa Noble an oddball Tequila, and they're swung around like a battle-axe. Facts can certainly say a lot about a product, such as the fact that Noble is one of a very short list of brands to be USDA certified organic.

But facts can't say how a liquor tastes and Casa Noble is a very particular Tequila for a very particular person.

Agaves for all Casa Noble Tequilas are cooked for 36 hours in stone ovens, which impart a very light salty or smoky quality. The mosto is then distilled three times in pot stills, just like Redbreast Irish whiskey.

Casa Noble is so much more about the wood than the distillate, making its plata — or as they call it, "crystal" — tequila a bit of a snore. The reposado is easily their strongest offering. It's aged in French oak imported from Limousin for 364 days, the legal maximum. It's one day short of being classified as an añejo, whereas their actual añejo is aged twice the legal minimum: two years.

If only Noble released their tequilas at a higher ABV than the legal minimum, it might be a massively heavy hitter. As it stands, this is a light, complex and unique sipper.

Casa Noble is located in Zapopan, Jalisco in western Mexico. Established in 1776, it is now owned by Constellation Brands.

Flavor Notes

orange / toffee / vanilla / butter / peppermint / pink salt

orange / toffee / vanilla / butter / peppermint / pink salt