Camarena Silver

$ — 40% ABV — unaged

The Camarenas have been making tequila in the highlands of Jalisco nearly since the start of industrialized tequila was a thing. Their product has had many iterations, but recently they struck a deal with brandy makers E&J for a big media push in the USA.

Oddly, Camarena's flavor has a lot in common with French rhum. That grassy vegetal note is quite prevalent, and mixed with lots of odd and funky flavor. These aren't particular qualities tequila sippers look for but, in a punch (get it?), this stuff rocks. At the root of it, this is a cheap and simple product, but not at all bland or uninspired.

While not beating out other quality brands any time soon, Camarena certainly wins over many mixto tequilas it is priced against. There are even large jugs for sale at many stores, which further suggests mixing here. This is a value tequlia that goes great with lime and sugar and Cointreau. Have at it.

Camarena is located in Arandas, Jalisco in southwestern Mexico. Established in 1761 by Agustin Camarena, it is now contracted with E&J Gallo.

Flavor Notes

coconut / passionfruit / grass / saffron

coconut / passionfruit / grass / saffron