Boomsma Oude


$ — 40% ABV — 1 year

This is a gin that thinks its a slice of pie. In a blind taste test, people often aren't entirely sure what they're drinking. Is it whiskey? Or maybe a gin? Or maybe is it a very young brandy? Boomsma is hard to pin down.

Made from malted wheat and an array of soft botanicals that, yes, does in fact include juniper, Boomsma shows the true range of the category when the the defining ingredient is given a back seat instead of the entire front row. Which is only fitting because it hardly even looks like a gin: this spirit is aged for a year, which has imparted a pale yellow hue and a really huge vanilla note.

It almost seems disingenuous to place this product in the gin category. But then it hits you near the end, that fresh piney note, but much softer and quieter. Consider Boomsma against Tanqueray as perhaps a gingersnap against a mouthful of ground cinnamon.

Mixed, its easy for Boomsma to get absorbed, which is likely why this style of aged gin isn't terribly popular. But if you respect the ingredient, it can go with just about anything. It also takes to bitters quite nicely, especially ones that are a little more floral like Peychaud's. Drink it neat, with lime or lemon, or with either kind of vermouth. The world's your oyster. On that note, also try drinking it with oysters. Cheers!

Boomsma is located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Established in 1883 by Dirk Boomsma, it is now the head of a conglomerate.

Flavor Notes

sugar / vanilla / apple / juniper / cinnamon / lime / butter

sugar / vanilla / apple / juniper / cinnamon / lime / butter