Blue Nectar Silver


$$ — 40% ABV — unaged

Probably a quintessential lowlands Tequila, Blue Nectar is about as vegetal as as a pickle festival. While the highland air creates — not unlike wine — a more hearty agave full of sweet flavor, lowland agaves grow much smaller, and so have a 'greener' taste. They're also more expensive to use, because it takes more agaves to fill a bottle.

Made in steel pot stills, more sulfides than usual survive the journey to a glass of Blue Nectar. Unlike their reposado, Blue Nectar Silver is triple distilled, to help rein back that flavor a little bit, but not too much.

Typically, haciendas look down on those that use triple distillation, because too much agave flavor is lost — but for Blue Nectar, I can see how this might've been a necessity. Still, there are trade-offs. First, Blue Nectar doesn't have much viscosity; feeling about the same as water. Second, it has a rather short and uninspired finish. If that kills this brand for you as a sipper, at least try it in a paloma. This stuff is right at home with grapefruit.

Blue Nectar is distilled in Amatitan, Jalisco in western Mexico. Established in 2011 by Roberto Real Reynoso and Fernando Meza, it remains an independent producer.

Flavor Notes

green bell pepper, oregano, pickle brine, seaweed