Bernheim Original

$$ — 45% ABV — 7 years

It's a small secret that wheat mixes one of the best Old Fashioneds you can hope for, and Bernheim is easily one of the best brands for this purpose. It's possibly the only straight wheat whiskey that's nationally available, though fans never mind scouring from sea to shining sea for the new cool whiskey. It's just nice to know for once we don't have to.

The nose here has an intense vanilla sugar smell which is no doubt activated by simple syrup. There's also something cinnamon-like, and minty as well. Bernheim is a sweetheart punch, and everything gets all tangled up in the process.

But there are no elements in play that aren't invited. The only turnoffs might be a small amount of white smoke and perhaps some sour cream. To big whisky fans, these are both highly desirable, so, you know, comme ci comme ça.

Many local wheat whiskies are gaining traction and Bernheim sales are going up like a rocket, so expect more of this stuff in the near future. And, if you can, get a bottle of Heaven Hill's Parker's Heritage for 2014. It's the Bernheim recipe aged almost twice as long and barrel proof. That stuff is strong enough to make a believer out of anybody.

Heaven Hill is located in Bardstown, Kentucky in Southern USA. Established 1935 by the Shapira family, it remains an independent distiller.

Flavor Notes

vanilla / cinnamon / mint / strawberry / sour cream / honey / smoke