Appleton Estate V/X

$ — 40% ABV — 5-10 years

A blend of rums from Appleton Estate, the V/X is a bar favorite. A crowd-pleaser. It's Harry Belafonte in a bottle. It's got true island flavor, but is all dressed up for a classy affair.

Ranging in ages from (as the name suggests in Roman numerals) five to ten years, the blend is allowed to rest before bottling, a crucial step. The variety of ages lends complexity and also temperance. There are notes of spices like pepper and cinnamon but also overripe pear. It's hard to say which is the dominant flavor.

Destined for mai tais and other tiki drinks, it's very suggestible to have the V/X share center stage with an agricole rum. Its profile goes incredibly well with strong, fragrant tropical fruits like plantains or papaya or passion fruit, and so too the strong, fragrant flavors of Martinique.

Appleton Estate is located in Nassau, Jamaica in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean. Established by Frances Dickinson in 1749, it is now owned by J. Wray & Nephew.

peppercorn / pear / passion fruit / cardamom / cinnamon / caramel

peppercorn / pear / passion fruit / cardamom / cinnamon / caramel