Angel's Envy Bourbon


$$ — 43% ABV — ~5 Years

Lincoln Henderson was well known for his work for Jack Daniel's, what's called an "accessible" whiskey. His own cellars, a parting gift to whiskey fans before he passed away in 2013, are more take-me-as-I-am.

Instead of being defined by what it removes (carbon-filtering) Angel's Envy is defined by what it adds (ruby Port barrels). These expensive woods have become very popular on both sides of the Atlantic lately. After its traditional maturation, a whiskey is transferred into these wine barrels to Finish for one or two years.

The barrels add body, aroma and an especially pleasing sweetness, neither too rich nor too bitter. It also has the bonus of imparting a particularly kickass ruby hue. But a lot can go wrong from Portugal to Kentucky, and barrel buying seems to be an art all it's own. Henderson was clearly a master.

And at 43%, Angel's Envy is for people who are adamant about drinking straight from the bottle. It's aromatic all on its own, complex, balanced, smooth and flavorful. This is without doubt on the benchmark for what can be considered not an ingredient, but instead a completed product. And if you like it, Henderson's also got a great rye for you, too.

Louisville Distilling is located in Bardstown, Kentucky in the Southern United States. Established in 2010 by Lincoln Henderson, it remains an independent distiller.

Flavor Notes

Corn / Dates / Tobacco / Vanilla / Blackberry / Clove

Corn / Dates / Tobacco / Vanilla / Blackberry / Clove